New Admissions. 

We have taken the time to write. If you decide to put the children in, you MUST read this page in FULL and also share the curriculum with the child.


Our admission happen during a two week time in APRIL. After that we are closed. But,

1) If you are a NEW student to the area, we like to take you in at anytime, please register and send an email to Give us a back ground about the child, about the family, when you moved in and if the child has attended any cultural / religious school before.

2) If you missed the admission date, please fill the form on the link above and send an email explaining why the date was missed.

Parent Behavior Expectation:- Admission to school is a privilege and not a right. We expect the parents to behave at their best and be a role model. Be calm, wear a smile and be patient, you will get more than what you bargained for. Do not flaunt your own rules, your own logic and be condescending. Does not help. We both are here for ALL THE CHILDREN. Remember, "ALL" THE CHILDREN.  The moment you put yourself FIRST, you act on your independent interest, you have deviated from the word "ALL" and we lost our common ground. The word ALL and COMMON GOOD are the foundation of YGIC. ALL our children will win together, if we the parents remember these YGIC VALUES in our actions and inactions.

YGIC Guidelines of Operations. YGIC Children Video

a) We recommend children to start YGIC when they are already attending 1st grade in school at the time of registration in March. Earlier they start tougher it would be for them to cope up with. The later they start the harder it is for the child and the teachers.
b) There will be a minimum of 20 classes of one hour and half each.
c) The syllabus committee for the curriculum outlines the comprehensive vision. The syllabus is planned ahead of time based on the vision set by the committee. A book / download link will be given to each student, which will have the course material outlining every class.
d) YGIC classes meet at our new building located at 2579 Lillian Lane, Beavercreek, Oh 45431.  24 Sundays a year from 10.00 AM to 11.30 AM . Drop you child by 9:50 and pick them up by 11:35. Doors close at 10:00 PM for prayer and you will have to wait outside till the door is reopened.
e) Admissions Open during March and normally closes by May.

f) There is no home work for the child. We want to make it as easy as possible for you and the child. Idea is to give them cultural feeling. But we expect sincerity, commitment and to be respectful of teacher's time.

 Is this right for my child?
a) Do you have commitment to bring the child to 18 classes minimum ( If you are traveling we need to be informed)
b) Can you bring the child to the class by 9:50AM EST
c) Is child your top priority and you believe the values are something they need to be taught in group atmosphere.
d) Are you willing to read emails and respond within 48 hours?
If your answers are UNEQUIVOCAL YES, you are at the right place
This is NOT the right place for people who believe
a) I will take my child when I have time.
b) I will take my child whenever we get up and are ready to leave.
c) I am taking the child because there is no other thing to do.
d) The graduation for the next class is not automatic. Your child has to earn the privilege of being here.
e) You drop out for the year, we don't have to take you back in. It will be decided case by case, depending on the circumstances.
f) You don't read email once a week
g) If you are one of those parents believes, that world revolves around you and don't understand what it is like to be a volunteer, this may not be the the place for you. We revolve around the children. We are here to make your child the best in what they do. We are grooming them to become the leaders. Leader with empathy and compassion. If you cannot practice empathy and leave the outside the building for two hours; we cannot do any more for your child. This place is to give a group atmosphere for learning with different teachers and students. This give them an opportunity to become better and better with cross pollination of ideas. But learning starts at home. We are building on top of that foundation.
Do I need my child to do this for 10 years? How do I know that I need to sit with the child? 

1) If the child wants a screen to keep calm. If your child cannot sit still for 30 minutes when given a task, he/she does not like. 

2) Child is in 6th grade and have no idea of money or income and what profession to choose yet.

3) Child cannot get up on his/ her own and be ready to go for a task. Child cannot sit and have a discussion about a subject during dinner for 30 minutes.

These are symptoms the mind is not calm. We believe the mind has to be calm and should be able to analyze things. Should be able to independently decide what is right vs. wrong. Should learn to chart a career on their own. Not swayed by external pressures.  form like minded friends and go on to achieve greater things in life. The curriculum is designed to make the child interact with others, become a productive citizen who can enjoy life and be content with, irrespective of what they do. It takes 10 years for them to learn the soft skills and bond with their friends and have a productive long terms relationship.

Our Mindset: All the teachers here are highly accomplished professionals. They do this work as a legacy they would like to leave for the community. The group spends enormous amount of time and money for the love of the job. The most disappointing thing for the teachers is when they hear from the parents say 'The child has a lot more activities so they do not have the time to come to the school.' We want ONLY the families who feel their top priority is the value system as they were taught and other extra curricular activity is not a substitution. The value system is taught from the young age. If you want to improve the curriculum , please give us more ideas and we will diligently work on it. But we want only the committed group of people who want to give the best of everything to our children NOT ONE IOTA LESS. After all this is our investment in our children.
Do your part: The school has become very large. An average of 2600 labor hours per year, roll behind the scene in making the school run smoothly. The only way we can keep it going is by your participation in volunteering. We will ask you to volunteer from time to time. We try not to call mothers with younger children. We put in a lot of thinking before we ask you for help. When you are called upon, please be generous.
The admission starts in March. New year classes starts in April. If you moved into town newly and you wanted to transfer the student, we can definitely assess them middle of the year to see if they can fit in. Contact us at   
 Admission Process for New Students (NO DOUBLE PROMOTIONS - READ SECTION BELOW)
a) Fill up the information on the link provided. Late admissions should send an email and get a form.
b) You will get an Email confirmation of your admission status. If your child is too young you will be let known to wait till the following year. If the child is older we will ask for more information to make sure the child is successful and would enjoy the class. Some children will be wait listed so that every one gets a chance. Space is limited. This back and forth process may take a few days, but be assured we are doing everything to match the child's abilities.
c) You will also receive an email before the first class with instructions.
d) Calendar is in the home page. Come to the first class with a check for $50/- payable to YGIC. Do not  mail the check.

Admission Process for Year 1 Students (NO DOUBLE PROMOTIONS - READ SECTION BELOW)

a) All the parents will have to sit through the class, with the child, till the teacher advises you that the child is able to handle on their own.
b) Decision 1 - Any child who is completing 1st grade in May  will be admitted. We plan to take only 15 students who are 6 1/2 years old for year 1 by the Admission date. Decision 2 - We keep 5 more vacancies for being able to give admission for the eligible students till May 30th.
c) If your child is born from the Date of Oct. 1 and on, we will keep you on the waiting list. According to the Date of Birth we will inform you by seniority before the start of the first class. The older child gets the priority first. If the child is born after Dec 31st, the admission will be guaranteed for the following year.
d) We would like you to be aware that when your child comes into 8th year, the volunteering class, the child's services will be counted only if they are 13 1/2 by March 15 . In other words the children who were admitted from the waiting list, will have to wait for a few months before their service will be counted.


Why not admit the child early (NO DOUBLE PROMOTIONS - Your kid is smart-  We realize your child is only two months younger- We realize your child can read - We realize your child knows the slokas -  Grandma is home teaching all the time - We heard it all -  TRUST US - Allow us to stick to the policies.
a) Our goal is to give opportunity to every child and give the highest possible quality education. By admitting a child at an earlier age more attention needs to be given to the younger child. That brings down the quality of the experience for other children. It is unfair for the rest of the children.
b) You may want to be aware the earlier the child starts, there is a good possibility they are not soaking all the information in.
c) If the level ends up too high, the child starts playing in the class and feels disengaged. They start drawing and scribbling on the books. They eventually drop off the school. You will have to work harder to get them back in.
d) Our classes are matched with the age of the child all the way. If we admit the students early, the student will not be able to participate in the year 8 program required by congressional award.
e) Starting early or late, both have proven to be counter productive.
f) If your child is asked to join the next year, there is nothing wrong with the child or by no means we are against you or anyone. Please be certain, we will get them in the next year. We want the very best for your child. Please understand our situation and be cooperative. We have one person assigned to monitor the progress of your child for their entire 12 years. We take pride in saying the child spent 12 years with us. We will promote them up when necessary or even call you if we feel there in not enough progress. We value your time immensely. Thanks for entrusting your child's education with us.

Our new programs: We have pilot programs running as a test for new upcoming curriculum. We also have special programs. Like R&D and or medical trials these are only for the students who are already in the school. Please do not put the child in the YGIC program just to get into these special programs. There is always a waiting list. Your YGIC admission does not guarantee you in any other special programs.

Readmission: If you leave the school without taking our prior permission for a valid reason, your readmission is not guaranteed. The student does not get to pick and choose what classes they like and who they would like to sit with. In life no one gets all they want. The students comes to YGIC to sit with anyone and go through conditions they don't like and learn to live in harmony and make the best out of it. Quitting is not an option. As parents, please bring your difficulty to us. There is nothing we have not seen. We are here to give you a hand. We will work with the child and make it work for the child. Over the years we have had children with learning disabilities. We accommodate any one in need.

Placement: Most of the time your child heard about YGIC from a friend and you want them to sit with the friend. Please do not demand this. It is very hard on the administration. We are here to do what is right for the child and when they will learn the most. Sitting with a new set of students will give them new friends. Life long these are the students they will learn and compete with. Do not come with a mind set to make the child happy for the short term. You will be damaging the long term learning. Also we cannot make exception for one. Then we become partial and violate everything we stand for. Please be understanding that we are doing this for the good of the community.

Our Promise to the parents: We expect a lot from you. In turn our promise is

a) We will be timely

b) We will teach only what is in the book and you get to agree or comment on the book to us, to improve together.

c) We will not bring Swamijis or any self proclaimed wise men and have them give their view of the religion. Your child is always under your intellectual control.

d) Every new curriculum will be vetted by us and you.

e) We will be the ladders and not destination. We want your child to be better than us. We will act as role models. We are honored that you would trust us with your children. You are doing all the work. We give a few hours a year but we get to revel in the success of your child. We do this with a joy. Not every one gets to do this. Thank YOU!

If this is exhausting to read, think about how exhausting it is to write. We have summarized all our experiences. These are common sense items. 90% of the time these don't matter. Parents already know all of this. But we have to write for the 10%. All these rules allows us to give exceptional experience to Students, teachers, parents and finally the administrators.

We ask everyone to leave the EGO outside the building and help us make this process so much fun by following these guidelines. The school can only be as good as the qualities, you as a parent exuberate. Everyone is expected to act like a role model.

If YGIC interests you please send an email to  You will get a prompt response. It is a multiple step process.  When admitted late, it takes 3 hours of administrator's time, per child. Please respect the volunteer's time by following each step in a timely manner.

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