YGIC Financial Assistance

YGIC will be waiving the registration fee for those in need. Interested can avail the fee waiver by sending an email to admissioATygic.us. All requests will be kept confidential. Our goal is to provide YGIC learning experience to every interested family and fees will not be a stopping factor.

Distribution of $50 annual student fee
$10  - Printing of books
$20 - Insurance
$30   - Facility, Lawn, parking lot - Maintenance Expenses

 $30- Electricity, Gas, Data, Security
$10    - Graduation Certificates and Gifts
$5     - Development expense for new curriculum

We like to operate at the basis of generating money as needed basis only.  We were always in the black. With the new facility the expenses are going up. We are going to survive for a few years from donations coming from the parents and well wishers. We will try to sustain by increasing the students and the usage of the building. Whenever we need resources parents have stepped and provided more than what we need. This organization is a Co-Operative of parents, to provide the best for the children.