"Charity given to a worthy person simply because it is right to give, without consideration of anything in return, at the proper times and in proper place, is stated to be the model of goodness" - Gita 17.20

YGIC Financial Assistance

YGIC will be waiving the registration fee for those in need. Interested can avail the fee waiver by sending an email to admissioATygic.us. All requests will be kept confidential. Our goal is to provide YGIC learning experience to every interested family and fees will not be a stopping factor.

Distribution of $50 annual student fee - Approx budget is 10K

$12  - Printing of books
$35 - Insurance
$30  - Lawn mowing and fertilizing

 $25 - Electricity, Gas, Data, Security
$8 - Graduation Certificates and Gifts
$5  - Development expense for new curriculum

We charge 50/student to make it affordable. At the moment our breakeven is $125/ student. As always donations of $75/ student,  is coming from well wishers and some parents writing a bigger check. These sort of quiet donations are happening for 20 years.

We do our own cleaning of the building and rest rooms. We do our own building maintenance and new development. We generate minimum trash and take the rest home. We are setting an example of how to be low maintenance sustainable operation.

YGIC is an independent financial entity:

 A lot of different organizations are raising money on the name of children. Fundraising is done on Sunday school, children religious education and swamiji visits and people may show our building picture and say some YGIC parents are also participating. None of this is done by YGIC.  YGIC DOES NOT believe in raising money and keeping money at its disposal. We raised money only once and for a duration of one week for the building. We promptly closed the fundraising and turned money down since then.  Our fundraising is private and unsolicited. Our supporters call us and give us the funds on seeing the real work. Checks made out to "YGIC" is the only money we can use. We are independent of Temple operations. We do not receive ANY support from the Temple or ANY other governmental organizations. It is strictly a parent and well wisher supported entity.

Financial Recordkeeping:

During our construction we sent out 12 updates in detail. 27 Nov 2020, email announced a open weekend (Dec 6, 2020) for public to audit our records .  We file our data with IRS and Ohio authorities. WE have open days for our members to view our records. Email from a renowned physician of 55 years in the area,  sums up the reporting work we did.

"The reports are Stellar in detail with simplicity. Wonderful Job." Dr. She....G.