"Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile." - Albert Einstein

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Administration at YGIC

We want our generals to be soldiers first. Easiest way to become a general is by becoming a soldier. There is an automatic promotion!  We have no application process for general's position.

You earn your way to become an administrator by volunteering at YGIC. When you put in 50 hours you get the privilege to vote. When you will have worked consistently for 3 years and 150 hours you earn the privilege to become an administrator.


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When we see you as a reliable volunteer, you will be called upon to lead the organization. You don't have to be loud, popular or rich to get there. Being calm, showing up for work, respect for others, following the process, being a good soldier and being a team player is YGIC culture. A good soldier is invited to lead the organization by action.

This organization was built 17 years before we took a single dollar. Donors have no voting right or administration rights in our constitution. If you still want to donate for the cause, you are the donor we look for. This is how we preserve the editorial freedom. A committee decides what is to be taught. We have no right to teach the children without putting it on the book and giving full visibility to the parent.  The organization was started to make the children think logically on their own and not by some denomination of Swamiji's wisdom or any one with money.

We don't need policy makers to tell us what to do. We are looking for volunteers who are willing to work physically and be there, when necessary. Administrator role is the job of a mom for a child and not an uncle's job, when necessary. The job of an administrator starts with cleaning the floors and becoming a role model. We try to follow at least one thing, what Gandhi taught us from Tolstoy Farm and Phoenix settlement.