Bharatiya Campus

EIGHT families who came in the 1970's to Dayton envisioned a place for Indian Americans to celebrate and grow the culture. They bought multiple acres.  They donated over a period, 4 different parcels of land, for different purposes. We are proud to name it Bharatiya Campus.

HCO is the legal entity registered with the IRS and State. It has 3 sections

Dayton Temple sits at 5 acres - Is a non profit

Priest quarters sits at 3 acres - The building is a taxed entity.

Om Shanti cultural center sits at 5 acres - Operated as non profit.

HCO and YGIC are two different legal entities. They have their own boards and constitutions.  They sit next to each other. No one has control over the others. The YGIC is geared towards children. The activities and disciplinary procedures are like a school.

Location: YGIC sits at 3 acres, next door to Dayton Hindu Temple. As per city public records the land was valued at 182K during the time it was donated. YGIC is a legal entity registered with the IRS and state. Banking and legal contacts are between YGIC and the parties and relieves all the donors of any liabilities. It presently comprises of three operations.

OUR Motto : "Quietly make a difference for COMMON GOOD and be a role model". All our volunteers worked day after day to bring the quality to the school and gave a brand image". Gandhi's life gave a brand Image about India - "Silent, Non violent, but firm action with courage for a common good."

NAMING: We have been talking to potential donors for a decade. After working 17 years, early on we decided financial support should be taken only from patrons who think like us.  We did not want anyone to impinge on our editorial freedom. We were not going to sign a contract with any donors or give any promise. Our promise was we have shown it 17 years.

SELECTION: We carefully selected the major donors based on a single golden statement, pretty much every one, made on their own.  "We don't want our names anywhere. We are here for the cause and not the notoriety". Once naming plans were decided, we had to work hard to convince the donors to give us their names. We feel, the life being lived by the donors set a tone for what we set to do from 2003. We are proud and honored to name the facilities, with patrons who have silently done a lot to the community.

Indra and BK Reddy Academy

Malati and Ganesh Potdar Indian American Heritage center

Vicky and Kris Joshi center for performing arts

Many more initiatives are planned in the upc0ming years.

Sustainable living and greener earth initiative

Organic Garden initiative

Indian arts, crafts and cooking

Build a Gandhi style Sabharmathi Ashram for people to see how it was 100 years ago.

We have senior initiatives and a lot more cultural plans in place. The facility can accommodate everything with  less than 4,500/ year by smart management and a handful of selfless volunteers and many more.

We get a lot of people asking how we can do this at our city.

Our answer is yes you can. Indian people are the most generous people there is. When they like the cause they will fund you. In this small town of Dayton, we raised money in 1 week. Our building cost us only 550K. We build it ourselves. You can do this anywhere for a 1.5 million today. You can do smart fundraising. What you need is a group of people willing to work for a common cause. You need any information we are happy to help.