Welcome to incoming college students

We at YGIC would like to invite all college students in the area. Our building is open, and we ask you to come in on open Sundays and be a part of us. You can come in here, introduce yourself to all, and become the part of Greater Dayton Indian families. Whichever school you go to--WSU, UD, OSU, OU, Sinclair, Clark State, etc.-- if you are wanting to feel the Indian culture, you are welcome on Open days. We will also be having specific days on which knowledge exchange catered towards you. You can be a teacher or a student and participate.

We all came here as immigrants. We understand it is difficult to pull through on your own. By walking into a place like your second home, hopefully we can give you some encouragement and be the families you left behind 10,000 miles away. Home is where your family and friends are. We want to make you feel at home.

We do realize you have a lot of talent you can offer us. As we register you into the database, we will be posting your talent in here where the greater community can  benefit from. 

Download the form. Fill out as a word document, and email it to collegestudent@ygic.us as an attachment.

We will contact you.