Construction Updates

---------------------------------Dated Nov 26, 2020 -----------------------------

Our Sincere thanks to Bharatiya Partnership, the 8 partners their spouses and their children for Donating the  Land to us. We thank our 75 donors, and 68 Volunteers who put in more than 30,000 hours over 17 years.

If you are interesting in making a pledge please click here to download the form. Fill it up, Take a picture and send it . You have a choice of making payment over an extended period of time.

The construction is complete and the full occupancy has been granted. We will open the building when it is deemed to safe to do by our advisors.


By doing hands on work, we have learnt a lot and come across some stellar people we want to recognize. You can feel confident hiring them. They subscribe to our principles of doing the best for the client, take pride in their work irrespective of you watch it or not. They take pleasure in the client's success, do give a break while it is hard on the customer and aspire for a long terms satisfying relationship. You can mention YGIC and I recommended them. You will not be disappointed. They leave you with a taste of friendship.

----This is our highly recommended list--

  1. A C H Services -Painting- Crystal - 937 307 7233
  2. Adam Knouse - Architect - 937 964 1900
  3. Bill Crossley- Electronic Design Group -Home theater, Audio, Video, network, Security - 937 401 0060
  4. Brad Perterson - Peterson Heating and cooling - HVAC- 937 660 0886
  5. Jeremy Hutchinson -  HBECO Electric - 937 522 5489