Due Process - If something is not right
   YGIC is set on the principles of fundamental rights and due process for all. Our culture unequivocally gives equal rights to all forms of life. God is everywhere. Compassion reigns supreme and no one is the boss but the process. Volunteers are here to serve and we want the parents to understand they are Gurus and treat them respectfully. Our Foremost Agenda is Children's Education. No action will be entertained if there is a one percent chance it is going to be getting in the way of the main objective.

This page gives you a process, if you want to address any concern. This is the step by step process you MUST take to give other person a chance to explain. This system helps us solidify the goals of the institution and not brake them.
  • First talk to the teacher, if you can.
  • Second send your concerns by email to administration. (The committee will process all requests/concerns).
  • If you are not satisfied with the process, send your concern to Ombudsmen/Women.
  • Become a volunteer to understand how the system works. Be the part of the solution.
  • Taking the student out of the school is not the best solution for the child. Any one can do that. Let us do better by working on the problem and finding a better solution. This is how great organizations are built.
  • If you have a concern talk to the teacher.
  • If you feel the need to talk to the administrators feel free to do so.
  • Let your parents know your concerns.
A word about Teachers
   Teachers are busy professionals and have children of their own. They also have to take their children to all activities, like any other parents. They have to prepare for the classes. They are extra careful in dealing with your children. They are our brand. Teachers are expected to behave at their best and be a model citizen. To keep them out of sticky situations they have been asked to hand over issues to the administrators. This is the only way we can give peace of mind to the teachers and retain them.
A word about Administrators
   They have a thankless role of taking care of facilities, defending disciples of Swamiji's wanting to take over and teach your children their brand of beliefs, getting teachers recruited and keeping them happy, taking care of the finances and ofcourse dealing with the 3% of the parents who know it all and want the whole solar system to revolve around them.

Administrators are human beings. They are patient and doing a balancing circus act. They certainly don't have a magic wand to fix everything. There are several committees who advise them on which way to go. They very well know, they have to be a model citizen.  The school has run for a long  time. Problems are  nothing new. With the social media everything is hyped. They always go to the Ombudsmen / women and ask them how it was done before. There is a serious process of balance of power. No one is above anyone. They are all doing their jobs. Say a word of thanks to all volunteers every time you see one. You can never thank some one enough for what they do.
Be the change you want to see- Gandhi
   Be rest assured this place is designed for balance. You follow the due process and everything will be FINE. You belong to this place as much as any one else. We want all of you to feel this is your home. We want you to feel elated and completely at peace when you walk into this place. The key is respecting every one, giving a chance to others and hearing the other side of the story.

We all have a urge one day,  wake up and get into a bad mood, and we want to redesign the whole process "MY WAY". After that angry email, IM or tweet you don't have to fix the issue. You will go your way, making your life better. What that means is you have never volunteered.   You will have caused a damage to the institution. As much as you think you are right, YOU ARE WRONG. This country is built on the laws and due process. We believe in that 100%. Please help us make this place a better place for all by behaving at your best. After all we are teaching the children how to go into the world to be a good citizen, role model and a  leader. One minute of empathy will take the cause a long way. Anybody can break. Building is tough and a long road. Be a builder. You can be a builder by just being compassionate, empathetic, smiling and saying a word of thanks. That is all it takes to satisfy a volunteer at this place.

These are the founding principles of YGIC on how to run an organization smoothly.