History of Sunday School
  • 2002 Ven  becomes a trustee by donating more than 10K as per the rules

  • 2002 Uma B nominates Ven to become a board member of HCO

  • 2003 No Sunday school for a few years. 2002 and 2003 Uma tries with two board members with no success

  • 2004 UMA B, makes a personal plea to Ven.  Ven's condition was to do  it 4 years to make a system. Board agrees.

  • 2004 - Panditji basement was used with no carpet or heat. Ven carried Carpet and heaters to class.

  • 2005 - Ven laid carpet on panditji's basement and put a door between the units at personal cost. Year 1 and 2 was formed.

  • 2006 Year 3 was formed and it grew into 45 families and 60 kids, and we ran it staggered shift

  • 2007 HCO wanted to discontinue the school and the parents fought for 3 months with HCO then president and board members saying it was not their job

  • 2007 - March 1 - Ven asked parents, if they like we can look at alternate location.

  • 2007 - March 17- 41 Families voted YES and 4 families could not be reached. Overwhelming majority we started looking places to host.

  • 2007 - March 30 - We were able to forge a donor group and make a deal with WSU. Still keep the fees at $50/-


History of YGIC
  • 2007  Kamal Gives a name YGIC to keep the organization nuetral.

  • 2010 - 2012 - YGIC works with HCO for rooms at the expansion project. HCO rejected the YGIC idea.

  • 2011 - Ven meets with multiple BP member. No interest on YGIC project.

  • 2015 September -Forms a committee of 3 people to do the jobs of Ven a nd Lalitha

  • 2015 Panna Meets HCO a few room addition behind HCO and it was rejected by HCO.

  • 2016 Graduation at WSU - Ven and Lalitha started playing a advisory role, for transition

  • 2016 - Ven leaving there was no money available to pay $25,000 Quoted by WSU and YGIC could not operate.

  • 2016 - On Dr. Potdar's request, Mrs. Shashi 's full support a group of BP partners tries to give the land with no success.

  • 2016  Ven arranges through Dr. Sri  space at CSU.

  • 2016  School starts back again, in new location, CSU.

  • 2016 Oct 21 -Panna  / Vipul meets back with HCO. HCO gives a letter that it does not have resources to handle YGIC.

  • 2016 VIpul call Dr. Avva and starts a negotiation for Land. No results.

  • 2016 Oct 23 -Multiple BP meetings , no result. Vipul makes a suggestion we get a 501 3 C to see some result.

  • 2017 Aug 6 - YGIC gets 5013 C

  • 2017 Aug 8 - BP warms up to the idea of donation after 501 3 C.

  • 2017  Raj Sharma helps with the organization county status

  • 2017 Dec 12 - Land donation deed signed with BP

  • 2017 Fundraising planned by Ven - 90% funds raised by Ven

  • 2017 - 2019 - Ven contructs the building as a general contractor with personal insurance. 95% of the time put in by Ven and finishes in budget at $55/ sq ft for thebuilding.

  • 2021 - Sep - Facility opens.


Total Volunteering efforts: 

19 years, 72 Volunteers, 35,949 hours produced value of $2,786,195 as of April 2022

Lot of people played a role in making the organization what it is today.

Top 12 volunteers Who put in 28000 hours

  • Ven S.

  • Lalitha M.

  • Prathima K.

  • TK Prasad

  • Pani C.

  • Anil P.

  • Niranjan

  • Mehul P.

  • Seshu T.

  • Mahalingam

  • Madhu D.

  • Suresh S.

The place did not come out of earth. You are enjoying the fruits of the work put in by volunteers before you. This is not a free place for someone to come and take and tell the volunteers what to do. Be respectful. We believe in serving, but not to the selfish. If we find your email or activities are selfish in nature we will have you removed. Parents are taking volunteer efforts. Volunteers are not answerable to you. If you offend a volunteer, you will be out.

Volunteer are our heroes and they are the brand. They bring the culture of the YGIC to everyone.

YGIC is a privilege and not a right.