Welcome to seniors

We at YGIC would like to invite all seniors and empty nesters for knowledge exchange. If you want to meet other people alike and sit and talk for a while, our building is open , and we ask you to come in on open Sundays and be a part of us. You can come in here and say hello to the parents, new students coming from India, and the children. You can introduce yourself and share your wisdom.

Our teachings are geared towards teaching Indian culture and traditions of respecting everyone, learning from our seniors, and participating in knowledge exchange. We will also be having specific days on which knowledge exchange catered to you will be facilitated. You can be a teacher or a student and participate.

We all came here as immigrants. We understand it is difficult to pull through on our own as we all  grow older. We all have walked that walk when we came here in the last 50 years. Now, our children are busy, and as much as they want to be here for us, life has taken them to chase their dreams. But we are here to make our lives easier by being there for each other. By walking into a place like YGIC, your second home, hopefully we can give you the atmosphere of a family of  people who are alike, like your children and grandchildren. Home is where your family and friends are. We want to make you feel at home. If you believe in Indian culture, this is the place for you.

We do realize you have a lot of wisdom you can offer us. As we register you into the database, we will be posting your talent in here where the greater community can  benefit from.  If you also have some needs, we can provide volunteer time.

Send an email it to senior@ygic.us and let us know. One of us will follow through with you.

We are seeking volunteers who can take incoming seniors' registration and be an ambassador in assimilating them into our YGIC families.

Senior facility

a) Place to assemble at Drs. Ganesh and Malati Potdar center

b)  Veni and Soma Avva Meditation center.

c) Lalitha and Ven Fitness center

d) 1/10 mile indoor walkway