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Download the Eighth Year syllabus from the links below.

Planning towards Congressional award

Year 8 - Congressional award program is about setting a goal, committing to it, plan the time and understand the economics of it to maximize the outcome.

Every year as a part of thanksgiving we work towards building something with our own hands. We select a volunteer organization and donate all the items made to that charity. Last two years Xenia FISH Pantry has become our partner by choice. This is our way of celebrating thanksgiving and Christmas.

This project not only teaches the value of volunteering it also teaches the following

ECONOMICS: Spend 42 dollars of the student's personal money. Put in 48 hours per student and make the goods worth - 10 times more to 420/-

TIME: We get from October till December to do the job. Plan the time.

Commitment: We start before thanksgiving in the spirit of giving and by Christmas, we donate. They have to commit to something and follow through.

Goal: Setting a goal and planning the time to make it happen.

The goal of the project is to make them become compassionate leaders.


Instructions for Making Scarf

Instructions for Making a draw string bag

Instructions for Making poncho and Blanket

Instructions for Making Fleece Hat

Congressional Award Gold Medal Winners.


Congressional Award Silver Medal Winners.

Congressional Award Bronze Medal Winners.
  • 2013- Avinash Rajashekaran

  • 2019 Suhaas Ravela

  • 2019 Mallika Desai

  • Since 2011 our children have volunteered at hospital, soup kitchens, universities, schools, wetlands, parks and many more places. They have put in more than 10,000 hours. We have had more Congressional award gold medal winners than any other organization in the nation.