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---- Leave YGIC alone: An opinion from a grandpa, and a renowned Doctor to the fellow Zealots ----------------------

Thank you for sending the detailed curriculum of YGIC from grades 1 thru 12. It is a very graduated and progressive format to introduce and inculcate the basics of our vast Hindu culture thru the study of shlokas , bhajans, the immortal stories of Ramayana and Mahabharatha and about Gita and Yoga. Thru the above studies the young minds get rooted in the concept of God ,types of worship, the importance of following dharma and the consequences of doing adharma. Stories of Rama, Prahlad, Hanuman and Ravana will never be forgotten by them. In the last two years of study, the students are taught the independent survival skills to face the college life when they leave the protected environment of their home and parents. Kudos to Sri. Venkatramani and Lalitha who have invested countless number of hours for this noble cause.

It is true that many students and adults do not understand the purpose and meaning of various Pujas and rituals done at the temple My suggestion would be to request our priests to explain them clearly before the puja. The board member of HCO in charge of puja should also participate in this discussion and clear any doubts the devotee may have about the meaning of any puja or ritual being done.
It is my feeling that the students at YGIC are overwhelmed by the details of the curriculum as it is and any new addition will be too much to digest and comprehend at this young age.

To study Vedanta and upanishadic concepts , one needs a firm foundation in his/her mind regarding what is viveka and vairagya and sadhananachathushtaya etc.  Even adults have difficulty in comprehending what is meant by oneness when they see diversity all around. This is a topic meant for mature adults , not for youngsters about to enter college life. I would encourage HCO to bring learned acharyas frequently to our temple to educate the adults in these subjects who in turn should impart that knowledge to their children.

The problems that you have enumerated at the college level should be tackled by adults by contacting local college administrators and the congress to enact inclusive and fair teaching methods at the college level. I think YGIC is doing well on its own and should be left alone.

YGIC Well wisher


Should you contact us , three question to ask yourself.

Would you contacts us if we did not have children you can market to or a building for building your profile- If the answer is NO. EXIT NOW.

If your answer is YES. Have you done any volunteering for the children of YGIC. If the answer is NO - EXIT NOW.

Do you already have a plan and you are wanting us do something- EXIT NOW.

Those who are after our facility we know who you are  -MOVE ON

We went from basement to house to Temple begging for space. No one cared. After 20 years of relentless work, we have put a place for us. We have our own goals, and not seeking help in setting our goals. Ask yourself if you volunteered with your time to YGIC.  If the answer is NO, you should not waste your time. Move on.

Do not tell us what to do with the building. Do no tell us how this building is not used as you see to fit your personal goals. Don't ask us what is the purpose of the building. You just woke up and want to use the building. We spent 20 years creating a place. Learn the history before ranting us with free advice and your business acumen. If we want advice we know where to get it from. MOVE on.

Do not drop names of your friends and donors. We will disqualify you from getting access to the building. The people who do these are selfish and they here for their own personal benefit. Just straight up tell us what you would like the building to be used for. If we find there is a 1% chance for common good, we will respond. If we don't respond, move on; don't apply Indian tactics of bringing pressure. We are here to execute our charter and our dreams, waiting in line for 20 years. Your dreams will have to get in line. Move on

There are people who will attach themselves to Temple and now they want to preach the children. If you don't bring the children and hand it to them, they will act like God figure and criticize everyone. This is no different than people who highjack the religion with their thought by sticking themselves to the religion. We have out own relationship with the Temple and Deities as per the Shrutis and Smritis.  We acquaint the children in our own ways with field trip and make them think on their own by developing curiosity. Newly minted self proclaimed, God figures please find your own audience and do your thing. Stop commenting on others and do your self introspection.

A word of wisdom. Lot of churches are for sale. Less than 200K. Please buy one and try to maintain one. Start your own group. We are all for you. Having the baby is the easy part. Raising one will teach humility.

TROLLS: Don't get excited because your instigators are telling you to do something. In a heart beat they will change sides, they will give all the evidences under pressure. The reason they are a instigator is they don't have the courage and are cowards. You will be left to deal with the Legalities.

Troll Instigators: Every threat, we report to authorities. We give the suspect names and your names as well. That is our job. Preserve your emails. You are equally guilty. We know who you are too. Remember, your freedom stops and your accountability starts when you are a part of Illegal act of a troll. You are an accessory. Our silence is our strength, not a weakness!

Those who are after our children and parents - we know who you are  -MOVE ON -  We do not forward emails for ANYONE.

YGIC is a EGO free Zone. Compassion and Common Good Reins Supreme. We impart Indian Family values in the back drop of Shruthi and Smriti. This is a forum of parents, we are here to meet the charter parents laid out 20 yeas ago. We want the children to think on their own. This is a Swamiji FREE zone. NO human Gods to lecture allowed inside the facility. We get 50 requests a year from every swamiji group you can think of. You think your Swamiji is the greatest. Put yourself in our shoes, we allow your Swamiji, we have to allow every Swamiji and Mataji. We get such requests from other denominations, that they want to come and explain their beliefs. MOVE ON.

1) Children are not commodity. We do not sell the email addresses by giving it out. We are not here to herd them to you to give pair of ears. They are minors. We are bound by laws.

2) We send only 6 emails a year to the parents. This is a promise we made. However important your cause is for YOU, we do not have time or room to send your emails. This is set in our bylaws. Be understanding and do not ask this favor. No ONE in the committee has the power to approve emails forwards for ANY organization, who ever you are including the donors.

3)  We are not an indoctrinating place. We are here to leave the world a better place and not a bitter place. Syllabus has a process and parents know what the children are being taught. We do not allow off the cuff teaching at school. No un approved content will be taught in the school. That is the promise to the parents. Remember what you think may not be what we want. Respect us and do not become preachy.

4)  Do not ask for recommendation letters.  DO NOT expect anything from YGIC.

If you understand the objective of children FIRST policy, you will understand why we don't get involved in anything else. We get upto 30 requests a weeks and 80% of our time is spent on "NON ESSENTIAL, NON VALUE ADDED TASKS" and chasing people away.  They are here for self promotion, the facility and to use children and their parents as commodity. The best thing you can do us is leave us alone. If you want to volunteer unconditionally and earn your way to administration please join the volunteer group. The work can be from cleaning the restroom, brooming and wiping the floors to what ever it takes to raise a child. If your Ego is important to you, this is not the place.

Our ONLY Charter

We have lofty goals already set and we are walking towards that line.  We don't get involved in ANY THING other than the causes already defined. We FOCUS and FINISH one goal at a time. Each of these goals takes 25 years to become a system and sustain itself.

1) Youth Leadership for Tomorrow with Compassion and Empathy - with underlying Indian family values.

2) Help the seniors feel like a part of extended family and facilitate them enjoy their golden years with happiness and contentment.

We leave minimal contact info here, to save some time for our lives. NO SWAMIJI REQUESTS. This is the only way to reach us.

Mode of contact:

Do not text, call or email to our personal addresses. No teacher or administrator can grant you the email or member info or any organizational info or facilities to you verbally or ask for a meeting for you. Attempting these pushy methods will disqualify your request.

Become a volunteer by signing up and work silently for 3 years, 150 hours. You will be called upon to lead. Your ideas will be added to the list.

1) Real Volunteers - REACH US. Are you here to help OUR cause or is it aligned  with our cause. Are you a good soldier asking , "What can I do for you"?

2) Policy makers, MOVE ON. If you have great ideas, you want a building, a forum,  kids and parents email addresses to market your business, pairs of ears and become a Swamiji and tell us what to do.

Well wishers who want to teach your form of belief, yoga, your music, instruments, arts you love, weaving, stitching, presentation techniques you like, stock market techniques, robotics or what ever. Sometime people want to promote their  personal business products, and align with Swaijis to authenticate themselves.

All are nice people. Evaluate yourself. We know what is underneath a request in 1 minute.

We have so many people from so many interest groups, harassing constantly. Some mean well, but get caught up in misguided ideas.  Here is what you all tell us in different ways.  " You tell us you are very busy, you have no time. The secret sauce you are going to teach has to be learnt by everyone.  But you don't know anything other than what you want to teach. You are single minded and singularly focused about YOU. You want us to do all the work. You want to get top dollars. You want us to give you a bigger space all sorts of fancy equipment and you wanted to be treated like a chief guest" If you listen to what you say, it is all about YOU.

You don't understand the needs of the children. Your don't understand the parents. You don't  understand how much time they have in life. You don't understand the clientele.

35 Years Sunday school was held in some form or the other, teaching the same thing, whenever and however. School will run for sometime and close. A system was missing. We have worked 20 years and understood the needs of the children. The families have only 20 days of 90 minutes each. We have compressed everything in that time and give it to the students in the form a book, repeatable by any teacher and kids can go home and follow up what they learnt. WE have put a system together to make it work for the child like a school or college does.  We compete for their time. We give this 30 hours at $50/. It is not easy to get any more time out of the students. Parents are very smart. If there is no value they will not show up. They will give you a silent treatment. We don't have free resources to hand it  to you.

Do us a favor. If you really want to help , leave the school alone. Half baked ideas and misdirected enthusiasm does more damage than good.

If you really feel you have something is of value to the student, NOT TO YOU,  read our courses. Prepare a 6 class of 60 minutes each. Send every detail like a book. If you don't have the time (At least 100 hours of your time)  to learn the clientele, our curriculum and have time to put a 6 sessions, you are not ready for a system. We have put out so many courses. We know a  thing or two about failing. We have failed in quite a few. If we feel it will succeed, then we will put the effort to market it to the parents. Remember, we have to plan the space, food for the children to attend the extra class, then clean the food area, someone  has to wait and close the facility and follow through with weekly emails with the parents.  It is not a simple chore. It takes a lot of steps. We have to be super convinced that you are not here for your self. You will volunteer and not run out when you another project. We have to find an alternate when you are not here.  We will absolutely not develop teacher centric courses. Then, we have to make a person responsible for answering parents comments and questions.  INSPIRATION is plenty. We need enormous  persistent perspiration to implement something. Remember this has to be about giving the children; wide experiences and not making them an expert on ONE thing. Leaders with a big picture view.